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Our Difference

The Love Training Wear

As parents of a gymnast, we understand exactly how difficult it can be to source training wear that’s affordable but also of high quality. Most brands that stand the test of time against wear ‘n’ tear cost an arm and a leg, which isn’t always an option if you need to buy a lot or have other children to cater for. The financial pressure can be A LOT for families, therefore our goal is to relieve that unnecessary stress by catering to everyday families like us.

Another issue was STYLE…..We know most girls not only want to look fashionable but as parents you want to know what your buying will last. Whether it’s in the gym or the backyard, the tennis court, field or track, they want to feel stylish! Having our own fashionista inputting her tastes in what training wear should look like, has helped us design a high quality range suitable for every girl wanting to LOOK & FEEL THE PART.

Lastly comfort, it should never be overlooked! I’m sure we have all sat and listened to the complaints from our kids, as they moan and groan about the “itchiness!” or how “see-through” the tights were! That the crop is “too tight to get on” or how the shorts keep “riding up!” (No one likes a wedgie)!! So, rest assured, with our 6 years of experience buying training wear for our own daughter, we did our research, teamed it with our previous knowledge on fabrics and styles, eliminating those (headache worthy) sentences which every parent wants to avoid! = Happy smiles all around!

That’s why The Love is the perfect training wear clothing for ALL the gorgeous, hardworking, active girls out there! Whether they are gymnasts, dancers, like to be outdoors or just LOVE to be in comfy clothes (who doesn’t like active-wear?) our line, ticks all of the boxes!


Teneal & Bradley Millar

Hi, I am Teneal and this is Bradley. We’re parent’s to three and founders of The Love Training Wear.

ACTIVE is the best word to describe our ‘on the go’ family as each one of us is involved in some form of exercise or sport. So when we aren’t in the gym or playing Taxi Driver for our kids, we are catching our breath and having some chill time at home, exploring fun new beaches, or planning the next family getaway!

Based in Brisbane, our family owned business started back in 2017 after 6 years of trying to find affordable, high quality training wear for our gymnast daughter Harmonee. What was available over these years was very expensive or lacked in quality and comfort, and when you need multiple outfits to keep up with all the training (gymnast mums will know what I’m talking about), not only did our bank account cry, but so did Harmonee, who wasn’t pleased with the options she was left to wear! That’s when my husband and I put our heads together and began designing The Love, with our very first line to drop this year!

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The Love Training Wear